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full employment

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  • The condition in which virtually all who are able and willing to work are employed.

    ‘a target of full employment’
    • ‘Ten years on, a ‘remarkable turn-around’ has taken place with virtually full employment, companies all wanting to ‘hire not fire’.’
    • ‘Nearly half of all single parents do not work, despite near full employment and a government target of getting 70% of them into jobs.’
    • ‘‘But we're virtually at full employment in this country now,’ he argues.’
    • ‘Mass unemployment was replaced by virtually full employment.’
    • ‘Perhaps in an era of full employment the prospect of a generous lump sum and reasonable job opportunities still out there, the threat of no job is not so daunting.’
    • ‘He also thinks the city should become a big employer, guaranteeing full employment.’
    • ‘If you're interested in politics, you're interested in poverty, pensions, full employment and disability.’
    • ‘So, the first thing that is needed is a vigorous strategy for pursuing full employment and eliminating poverty.’
    • ‘Up until 1984, we were a broadly social democratic nation, committed to full employment and a welfare state.’
    • ‘This boom will be constrained only by lack of workers, attributable directly to full employment in the economy, he said.’
    • ‘The answer is that full employment doesn't actually mean that everyone's employed.’
    • ‘Registered unemployment in the city is already below 5 per cent, suggesting virtual full employment.’
    • ‘The economy remains close to full employment, says AIB, with the unemployment rate projected to fall to 4% by 2006.’
    • ‘Growing our economy at a rate of 3.5 percent, creating just this year 750,000 new jobs, having on all border towns a figure close to full employment.’
    • ‘Where once we expected full employment; now, despite the official statistics, we have 1.3 million people who cannot get the paid work they seek.’
    • ‘The findings of the job index are consistent with other indicators suggesting full employment which bring challenges despite a buoyant business environment.’
    • ‘Until the 80's, New Zealand had pursued a policy of full employment, ensuring that there were jobs for all, even if it required spending money to do so.’
    • ‘Sixty years ago, the Curtin and Chifley Governments set a great national goal for the attainment of full employment - jobs for all Australians.’
    • ‘This opens the way for state intervention to regulate the level of effective demand to secure full employment.’
    • ‘If full employment is a desirable goal, then a policy of low real rates of interest ought to be followed.’


full employment

/fo͝ol əmˈploimənt/ /fʊl əmˈplɔɪmənt/ /emˈploimənt/ /ɛmˈplɔɪmənt/