Definition of full growth in English:

full growth


mass noun
  • The greatest size that a plant or animal naturally attains; maturity.

    ‘the growth rate declines as the plant approaches full growth’
    • ‘This brings the subject of plant staking to mind as things come into full growth, are planted out or are being sown in the vegetable garden.’
    • ‘It is a liquid and produces the best results when applied after emergent plants have reached full growth.’
    • ‘It seems that women, who bear children, attain full growth and potential after one or two pregnancies, while non-child-bearing women are not as fully balanced and become more nervous.’
    • ‘The grass needs six months to attain full growth initially.’
    • ‘If you abandon yourself to love, you will soon attain full growth.’
    • ‘A drifting log normally would be carried to a shoreline long before the crinoids reached maturity or full growth as developed by the Moroccan specimens.’
    • ‘Termed as the ‘farmer's goat ’, the Boer is a heavy animal weighing up to 120 kg at full growth.’
    • ‘Flower and vegies gardens have sprung into full growth that can only happen with natural rainfall as compared to hose watering.’
    • ‘But we do want to get back to 4 percent or 5 percent unemployment, which obviously would be considered full growth today.’
    • ‘The jasmine will need a good pruning before it starts into full growth, and there's a host of small cleaning and clearing jobs to be done.’
    • ‘Breed members achieve full growth at approximately three to four years of age, and they typically have a hardy constitution to accompany their solid construction, with an average life span of 15 to 20 years.’
    • ‘This is unfortunate because it is precisely high culture that allows us to ‘become all we are capable of being; expanding, if possible, to our full growth, which is the law of culture,’ to bring in Thomas Carlyle.’
    • ‘Other strategies such as sugar fortification, supplementation and improved diet will also play a role if these children are to achieve their full growth and development as students, workers and citizens of South Africa.’
    • ‘McGrath has found a possible marker to predict beets with high sugar content when they're about 7 weeks old, instead of waiting for full growth in about 25 weeks.’
    • ‘In the case of red blood cell production folic acid will enable the cells to go through intermediate stages of growth, but can not bring them to their full growth.’
    • ‘The use of androgens by adolescents who have not completed their full growth will eliminate further growth by closing the bone epiphyses.’
    • ‘Cows don't even reach their full growth until they're 5 years old, when they hit their prime and give the most milk.’
    • ‘His voice had the high, cracking timbre of an adolescent, though by now he surely must have reached his full growth.’
    • ‘Approximately ten young green leaves were collected from each clone in early to late June before full growth and before flowering had occurred.’
    • ‘Once full growth is achieved, secretion of growth hormone drops to a lower level.’
    adulthood, full growth, majority, coming-of-age, matureness, manhood, womanhood, puberty, pubescence