Definition of fume hood in English:

fume hood

Pronunciation /fyo͞om ho͝od/ /fjum hʊd/


  • A ventilated enclosure in a chemistry laboratory, in which harmful volatile chemicals can be used or kept.

    ‘I didn't have any of the things that I use more often now - no hexane, no ethyl acetate or any of the other dozen solvents under my fume hood.’
    • ‘To extract fecal cortisol, I evaporated off excess ethanol by leaving samples overnight under a fume hood and then freeze-dried the samples.’
    • ‘Science rooms at Wilson Middle School in Muncie, Indiana, include a fume hood, enabling students and staff to work with chemicals in a safe, well ventilated area.’
    • ‘We'll save about $115 annually for each personal computer and monitor that are turned off during evenings and weekends, $58 for a laser printer or fax machine, $216 for a copier and $4,250 for a fume hood.’
    • ‘We have space for the lab stations and for classroom instruction; and with the room layout, it's easy to watch and supervise - especially students working at the fume hood.’
    • ‘My fume hood and lab bench need a bit of organizing, too, but they don't get as bad as they used to when I worked in them full-time. The desk, though, has always been bad, and now it gets to its final maximum-entropy state more quickly than ever.’
    • ‘Another letter points out that I misstated Carl Sagan's term for the organic goo found in the outer planets (and in my fume hood at work.)’
    • ‘For scanning electron microscopy, flies were air dried for several days in a fume hood, mounted, and sputter coated with gold/palladium.’
    • ‘Among its treasures are antique burners, balances, a wooden fume hood and a voltage regulator fitted with antiquated light bulbs to monitor current.’
    • ‘Air-handling systems are supposed to whisk all that stuff away, and besides, we're supposed to be doing all that work inside the fume hood, anyway.’
    • ‘It can give me a broader perspective on my industry, which might come in handy, but it's going to do zilch for what's stirring in my fume hood.’
    • ‘The resin/ethanol solution and the chow were thoroughly mixed and then dried at room temperature in a fume hood overnight.’
    • ‘A big energy user in laboratories is typically the fume hood, where all of the air that flows through the hood is exhausted outdoors.’
    • ‘A fume hood at work or school would be ideal; outdoors is next best.’
    • ‘Experiments involving short irradiation times were carried out in a fume hood with an even air flow to prevent heating up of the lamps.’
    • ‘You need to rig up a trap for the vented gas, since it's rather bad form just to send it up the fume hood.’
    • ‘If you find it necessary to mix amidol in hot water, do so under a fume hood or outdoors.’
    • ‘The top chamber was removed in a fume hood and allowed to vent for 1 min to remove any CO 2 present, the plants were then excised at the sand surface.’
    • ‘Ventilation in this area should be supplemented with additional fans and fume hoods to dissipate the Pentane vapours along with the other vapours from cutting.’
    • ‘At Ithaca College undergraduates perform research with professors and imbibe the same patterns, scheduling instrumentation time or using dedicated fume hoods, insect habitats, or the like.’