Definition of furphy in English:



Australian informal
  • A rumour or story, especially one that is untrue or absurd.

    ‘I remembered the schoolyard furphies about sewer gangs’
    • ‘Museum Manager-Curator, Capt Linda Graham, believes the story is a furphy.’
    • ‘Simon Moglia from Victoria Legal Aid says it's a furphy to suggest the powers are not over-reaching.’
    • ‘No, and really, it is a bit of a furphy to suggest that it does.’
    • ‘The 10% figure often cited, which comes from the Kinsey Report has long been dismissed as a furphy.’
    • ‘There would have been absolutely nothing new in the weak disclosures in company annual reports that started in Australia in the later 1990s, so that's a complete furphy.’
    • ‘I'm continually told by people I meet about the brilliant presentation they heard which said that this is all a furphy and it's just scaremongering.’
    • ‘Please, all this talk about ‘getting in on the ground floor’ of new regional security arrangements is nothing but a furphy.’
    • ‘The idea that the enforcement of criminal law is an aspect of foreign policy is odious, and in any country with an independent judicial system, is a furphy.’
    • ‘There's a furphy about losing manufacturing jobs offshore.’
    • ‘Property booms in the UK and NZ also prove that it is a furphy to claim that tax fuelled Australia's boom.’
    rumour, story, report, speculation, insinuation, suggestion, hint


First World War from the name painted on water and sanitary carts manufactured by the Furphy family of Shepparton, Victoria; during the war they became popular as a place where soldiers exchanged gossip, often when visiting the latrines.