Definition of furring strip in English:

furring strip


  • A length of wood tapering to nothing, used in roofing and other construction work.

    ‘The gypsum board must be attached to the wood furring strips or underlying masonry using nails or screws.’
    • ‘Otherwise, wood furring strips are first nailed to the old ceiling or joists and the new files are stapled to these.’
    • ‘Tile ceilings can be installed using wood furring strips.’
    • ‘Since the metal tracks don't have to be spaced precisely 12 ‘apart as do wood furring strips, this system gives you a greater margin of error.’’
    • ‘Cut additional furring strips to length so that they fit vertically between the upper and lower strips, center each one on your marks and attach them to the wall.’
    • ‘As an alternative, there are heavy-duty construction adhesives on the market which will effectively adhere furring strips to masonry.’
    • ‘Use masonry screws and adhesive to fasten furring strips to concrete or masonry walls.’
    • ‘Use a weathered piece of plywood or board, perhaps with furring strips tacked around the edges as a run.’
    • ‘The next step is to install furring strips running perpendicular to the direction of the decking boards.’
    • ‘When you install this second row of furring strips, do so that they are placed a distance from the wall that is the size of the border tile less 2‘.’
    • ‘Attach the furring strips horizontally across the studs every 24 ‘to create a solid backing.’’
    • ‘If you are working on an uninsulated exterior wall, we also recommend cutting rigid foam-core insulation to friction-fit in the spaces between the furring strips.’
    • ‘The ceiling joists, the wooden framing members that hold up the existing ceiling, will work fine when the furring strips are nailed perpendicular across them.’
    • ‘Two furring strips butted together at a 90-degree angle around the ceiling's perimeter create a faux-coffered look.’
    • ‘If the obstructions are small enough, such as wires or small-diameter pipes, you may be able to adjust your furring strips enough to accommodate them.’
    • ‘Additionally, the use of furring strips will help promote drainage of any incidental water that may penetrate the cedar cladding.’
    • ‘Subsequent solar radiation drives the water vapor inward to condense on the vapor retarder and to be transferred through the furring strips to the plasterboard, causing it to soften and discolor.’
    • ‘A cross section of a typical Harrison house would reveal fiber cement siding, furring strips, builder paper, plywood sheathing, blow-in cellulose insulation, and gypsum board.’
    • ‘That's the condition you will wish to duplicate, and this can be done with slatted frames made of furring strips on which laths are tacked one half inch apart.’
    • ‘Batt insulation with a vapor retarder is placed between studs in masonry veneer walls and may be placed between interior furring strips in single wythe walls.’


furring strip

/ˈfəriNG ˌstrip/ /ˈfərɪŋ ˌstrɪp/