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  • Systematic forecasting of the future, especially from present trends in society.

    ‘This skepticism comes from three sources: the limits of futurology, the science of behavioural genetics, and human nature itself.’
    • ‘Amongst some managers, however, a change of thinking is becoming apparent: a thinking that suggests that futurology is a worthwhile practice.’
    • ‘Most technological futurology see agents as benign, as obedient slaves who only have our best interests at heart.’
    • ‘A similar process is taking place with regard to military study of systems, military study of conflicts, military futurology and military science of science.’
    • ‘This reminds me, one great example of Victorian futurology, I've put here on my site: Edison's Telephonoscope, in effect, a webcam (England to Australia), as imagined in 1879!’
    • ‘But, as Margolis points out, futurology isn't so much about sketching an inevitable tomorrow as it is about helping to make choices about it.’
    • ‘The ‘imaginary’ web is conjured up particularly by speculative futurology about how it will change everything utterly.’
    • ‘I'll get back onto project management and futurology soon.’
    • ‘Bruce Sterling spent some time at the recent SXSW conference chatting about futurology in his usual entertaining style.’
    • ‘Yet, even with those caveats, futurology is valuable as it can help us expose lunatics.’
    • ‘Wisely, given the mercurial nature of futurology, Pryor keeps his statistics basic and his explanations closely tied to the quantitative data on expected economic changes and impacts.’
    • ‘Bluntly stated, the historical record of tolerably accurate strategic futurology is anything but impressive.’
    • ‘Some 30 years ago there was some interest in futurology in a few sociology departments but it dwindled over time, perhaps because it is so difficult to quantify the interactions of many variables when their values represent only a guess.’
    • ‘However, as a necessary precursor to that analysis four caveats, or warnings, are signaled which bear upon the degree of confidence that should, and should not, be placed in strategic futurology.’
    • ‘The next section continues along these lines, offering a modest exercise in futurology and a selective listing of future areas for research.’
    • ‘So if you're good enough at futurology, you can make it a little bit of a self fulfilling prophecy.’
    • ‘The book goes off the rails at the very end with a chapter of futurology.’
    • ‘While the futurology may be contentious, I believe there are considerable merits in the cautionary approach outlined in this book.’
    • ‘In a sense, the perception of the future as a supreme resource is the driving force of futurology.’
    • ‘In the area of futurology and the meaning of life, these are a couple of podcasts from IT Conversation that spoke to me lately.’



/ˌfyo͞oCHəˈräləjē/ /ˌfjutʃəˈrɑlədʒi/