Definition of gabbler in English:



See gabble

‘Straight-as-a-die on a Friday lunchtime, he is an opinionated gabbler, king of the mood swingers, rude about everyone, and quite possibly the most bombastic person in the history of the bombasticism.’
  • ‘I am interested in stories half-told and mistakenly heard; the sort caught in snatches from the gabblers and whisperers across the room at empty bars on Wednesday afternoons, while the decent folk are still at work in office parks and city hall.’
  • ‘The serious and the facile, the scribblers and the gabblers, the structuralists and the screenwriters all hang in, watching those films, occasionally disputing them - but, sad to say, almost never asking an intelligent question in the press conferences.’
  • ‘It becomes a hideously racist thing; used promiscuously by Black comedians, gangsta rappers, poets, street-corner gabblers and what-not, it becomes merely another colourful term in the vernacular of the ‘hood.’’
  • ‘Whichever explanation is correct, for many years the acrimonious and endless arguments between ‘Stalinist’ and ‘Trotskyite’ gabblers provided intelligent American observers with continuous amusement.’



/ˈɡab(ə)lər/ /ˈɡæb(ə)lər/