Definition of gabbroic in English:


Pronunciation /ɡəˈbrō-ik/



See gabbro

‘The plutons are composed of medium - to coarse-grained, porphyritic quartz monzonite, quartz syenite and granite, together with smaller amounts of equigranular gabbroic and monzonitic rocks.’
  • ‘Of far less importance are occurrences in gneisses and amphibolites, in small plutons derived from syenitic and gabbroic magmas, and in certain contact-metamorphic rocks.’
  • ‘This is based on preservation of original gabbroic textures and occurrence of intergranular coesite in UHP rocks.’
  • ‘This magmatism is typically of gabbroic to granitic composition and also shows evidence of mixed sedimentary and mantle-like sources.’
  • ‘The drilling of nine cored boreholes, including a deep hole to a gabbroic basement, in the vicinity of the Rhyme chert locality has resulted in a major revision of the structure and stratigraphy of the area.’