Definition of gabbroid in English:


Pronunciation /-broid/



See gabbro

‘The enclaves in the mentioned basaltoids represent peridotites, pyroxenites and gabbroid rocks.’
  • ‘Hess's hypothesis on the serpentinite composition of the lower oceanic crust was confirmed by serpentinite and gabbroid fragments dredged from some fracture zones.’
  • ‘Following, or partly during, their amalgamation, the terranes of the Arabian shield were covered by younger Neoproterozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks and intruded by relatively undeformed granitoid and subordinate gabbroid rocks.’
  • ‘These have been intersected by numerous small discontinuous lensoid bodies or larger dykes of gabbroid rocks, which shew considerable variety both in mineralogical constitution and texture, and are especially prominent on the western margin of Kerr Point.’
  • ‘Syntectonic intrusion and metamorphism of the cooling Kyzylkain gabbroid bodies proceeded at high chemical activity of water and, practically throughout, were manifested in the production of gabbro-amphibolites regardless of initial body shape and position in the Kempirsay ophiolite structure.’