Definition of gable roof in English:

gable roof

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  • A roof with two sloping sides and a gable at each end.

    ‘It may be that the change in form and lack of central posts reflect a shift from a hip roof with interior roof supports to a gable roof with a large central beam support.’
    • ‘The back and sides were apparently gilded, and the underside of the gable roof painted red.’
    • ‘The prominent gable roof has the intriguing quality of seeming to float above the structure.’
    • ‘Once inside, you begin your journey along the spine, which is crowned with a curved gable roof - half glass and half opaque to provide sun control.’
    • ‘The index school - the main part of which was erected in 1952-was a brick building with a gable roof and natural ventilation.’
    • ‘It is cropped close to the low-pitched gable roof of a ranch house where a mysterious figure enclosed in the oval medallion floats by.’
    • ‘The steeply pitched gable roof, shutters and horizontal siding are other details often found in farmhouses.’
    • ‘I know that when you are framing a gable roof, you can use collar ties in lieu of attaching ceiling joists to the bottom of the rafters.’
    • ‘The new gable roof, parallel to the existing nave and a Diocesan Center, composes a triad of related forms.’
    • ‘The ridge of the upper-floor ceiling is offset from the central ridge of the gable roof above.’
    • ‘The main gable roof, with its clerestories and secondary skillions, is clad in a specially rolled profile.’
    • ‘Although the neighborhood currently uses grid power, the south sides of the gable roofs are pitched at just the right angle for the photovoltaic panels they'll add in the future.’
    • ‘In addition to the hip-roofed square, some cupolas were made more rectangular or in octagonal shapes, and there were gable roofs, modified Dutch hips and even pagoda-style curved hip roofs.’
    • ‘A milder version of the shingle style, it shares much of the vocabulary of the style with Rosemary Lodge: asymmetrical massing, a shingled and clap-boarded facade, broad gable roofs pierced with dormers, and bracketed supports.’
    • ‘Hip roofs are gable roofs with the ends brought together at the same pitch as the rest of the roof.’
    • ‘The ventilating openings should be installed in gable roofs to avoid the ‘mure’ phenomenon.’
    • ‘Steeply-pitched intersecting gable roofs were a key motif and decorated with spindlework and gingerbread.’
    • ‘The gable roof provides extra head room for doves, as they are larger than the other platform nesters.’
    • ‘The house shown here has two gable roofs and two dormers, each with gable roofs of their own.’
    • ‘The chimneys, exposed on exterior walls and incorporated into corner piers, pierce the gable roofs at the ridges.’