Definition of gadid in English:



  • A fish of the cod family (Gadidae).

    ‘Scientists from around the world will gather this week to discuss the ability of members of a family of fishes called gadids to adapt to human and environmental pressures.’
    • ‘However, the ratio of sandeels to gadids found in the Shag gizzards did not change over time, suggesting that diets and rates of otilith loss in gizzards were not noticeably different over the month.’
    • ‘Fishes like this gadid often lie motionless, either waiting in ambush for potential prey or simply conserving energy by resting on the bottom.’
    • ‘Studies reviewed suggest that they are opportunistic feeders which feed primarily on gadids, including young hake, and a variety of pelagic species and crustaceans, primarily krill.’
    • ‘This trophic reorganization is hypothesized to be an important contributor to declines in populations of seabirds and marine mammals, because lipidpoor gadids and flatfishes generally replaced lipid-rich fish species in the Gulf of Alaska food web.’



/ˈɡādid/ /ˈɡeɪdɪd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Gadidae (plural), from gadus ‘cod’.