Definition of gadolinite in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡadələˌnīt/ /ˈɡædələˌnaɪt/


  • A rare dark brown or black mineral, consisting of a silicate of iron, beryllium, and rare earths.

    ‘It is found with other rare earth elements in minerals such as monazite, cerite, gadolinite, xenotime, and euxenite.’
    • ‘The most common ores of holmium are monazite and gadolinite.’
    • ‘Like other rare earth metals, it is found in minerals such as cerite, gadolinite, and samarskite.’
    • ‘Polycrase, or an allied species, was seen implanted upon the gadolinite, this is also new to the region.’
    • ‘With sulphuric acid it forms a salt that is as stable on heating as the sulphates from gadolinite or cerite and, like these, can be completely decomposed by heating with ammonium carbonate.’


Early 19th century named after Johan Gadolin (1760–1852), the Finnish mineralogist who first identified it.