Definition of gagging clause in English:

gagging clause


  • A condition in a contract of employment forbidding an employee from publicly disclosing information about their employer or work.

    ‘as part of her severance terms she was forced to sign a gagging clause pledging not to reveal what she knew’
    • ‘Your Health Minister is attempting to insert a gagging clause in the new consultant's contract.’
    • ‘They also believe she has signed a gagging clause forbidding her from talking about her departure.’
    • ‘The Francis Inquiry ordered an end to gagging clauses, which pay off staff in return for a ban on speaking about their concerns.’
    • ‘A gagging clause is usually part of the deal.’
    • ‘His ex-wife is unable to talk about the divorce after reportedly signing a gagging clause as part of her settlement.’
    • ‘It says he understands she was asked to leave and received a huge financial settlement that included a gagging clause.’
    • ‘NHS gagging clauses should become obsolete.’
    • ‘The so-called gagging clause, as stated by that member, is one in relation to public statements in advertising.’
    • ‘But days ago he accepted an out-of-court settlement from the Government, thought to be £40,000-£50,000, which includes a gagging clause.’
    • ‘As a condition of the agreement, the healthcare assistants will be silenced with a gagging clause.’