Definition of gagman in English:



(also gag man)
  • A writer or performer of gags.

    ‘He was an old-style rat-a-tat Henny Youngman style gagman, and you could just imagine him on a stage in the waning days of vaudeville wearing a suit with oversized plaid pattern, a gigantic daisy and big shoes.’
    • ‘What I hadn't realised is that Cryer, apart from being a consummate gagman, is a closet rocker.’
    • ‘This may have been, in part, due to the fact that he was honing his skills as a writer and gagman at the time.’
    • ‘Over the past few weeks, the Democratic senators, their jesters and gagmen, have said just how sorry he is.’
    • ‘It's hard to see why Stan and the gagmen were so determined to do it because the results are pretty standard slapstick.’
    • ‘Some of the gagmen who fashioned their material were also cartoonists.’
    • ‘We made gagman do the cleaning up, training for his work at Lehman.’
    • ‘This can be done by Inn members themselves, not by professional gagmen brought in to ghost write, or by surfing the Internet for a program created six years ago by some unnamed individuals.’
    • ‘Don't be surprised if not long from now another group of gagmen finds success by poking affectionate fun at spiky hair, nasal vocals and high-speed songs about breaking up.’
    • ‘Determining to be funny at all times on screen, Lloyd surrounded himself with a crack team of gagmen, who came up with endless comic bits of business for his new character.’
    • ‘We greet ministers who can't think of a moral, gagmen who can't think of a joke.’
    • ‘Efforts to pin down the exact nature of jibe and jest have challenged pundits, professional fools, antic clowns, studious gagmen, comedians of every kind and medium.’
    • ‘This included being a gagman at MGM, starring in a series of cheaply-made shorts at the poverty row studio Educational, and venturing to Europe to appear in a couple of features.’
    • ‘I have noticed on TV that the same handful of gagmen and women are everywhere.’
    • ‘In the tradition of animation's greatest gagmen, Patrol 03 gives us real police adventures, spiked with the finest in animation comedy, starring the world's most unimaginable law-enforcement officers!’
    • ‘Though comedians such as Keaton, Chaplin and Lloyd are still well known enough today to be identified with just a surname alone, the history of comedy is littered with dozens of other gagmen whose monikers have since disappeared into the shrouded mists of time.’



/ˈɡaɡman/ /ˈɡæɡmæn/