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proper noun

  • 1

    (also Gaea, Ge)
    Greek Mythology
    The Earth personified as a goddess, daughter of Chaos. She was the mother and wife of Uranus (Heaven); their offspring included the Titans and the Cyclopes.

  • 2The earth viewed as a vast self-regulating organism.

    ‘He advocated its use to alter the insect life of earth in order to venture beyond the homeostasis concept to the mythical state of Gaia.’
    • ‘But the life span of Gaia has to be measured in hundreds of millions, even in billions, of years.’
    • ‘If Gaia didn't luck upon the right system for that problem on the first try, things would quickly become grim.’
    • ‘Until we do, Gaia, the spirit of the living earth, is an idea to think about rather than an idea to think with.’
    • ‘Working in harmony with Nature, our growth and transformation can evolve us beyond Gaia, into the cosmic whole and possibly home.’
    the natural world, nature, the living world, the world, the earth, the ecosystem, the biosphere, Mother Nature, Gaia



/ˈɡīə/ /ˈɡaɪə/


Greek, ‘Earth’. Gaia (sense 2) was coined by James Lovelock, at the suggestion of the writer William Golding.