Definition of gain ground on in English:

gain ground on


  • Get closer to someone or something one is pursuing or with whom one is competing.

    ‘the dollar gained ground on all other major currencies’
    • ‘The race looks to be a close and competitive as ever, as we are aiming to gain ground on the few boats ahead of us, while keeping those behind just there.’
    • ‘Votes go up and down across all classes, with Labour recently gaining ground on all fronts.’
    • ‘It does so because it believes that recessions are a great time to gain ground on the competition.’
    • ‘‘It is a bonus just to have survived, but to realise I'm gaining ground on the leader means I am very much in the race,’ she said.’
    • ‘In California, firefighters are gaining ground on a wildfire there that has burned more than 3,000 acres.’
    • ‘The woman behind me in the black car pulled out of a ranch driveway awhile back; she is gaining ground on me.’
    • ‘Favorable weather is helping firefighters gain ground on a ferocious wildfire in Southern California.’
    • ‘Fire officials hoped cooler weather and diminished winds in the next few days would help crews gain ground on the blazes.’
    • ‘If there was a chance for the men's hockey team to gain ground on a playoff spot, it came twofold last weekend.’
    • ‘He expects it to gain ground on rivals and hopes that this will marginalise his critics.’