Definition of gainsharing in English:



  • An incentive plan in which employees or customers receive benefits directly as a result of cost-saving measures that they initiate or participate in.

    as modifier ‘the company's gainsharing program ties bonuses directly to team performance’
    • ‘These include gainsharing, profit sharing, stock options, quality circles, lean production, post-fordism, flexibility, flex-time, and of course, ESOPS.’
    • ‘A real attempt to tackle the whole issue of employee participation and gainsharing should also be made.’
    • ‘The key challenges faced by the social partners and the NCPP will include promoting flexibility at work, multiculturalism and new systems of rewards, such as gainsharing, benchmarking and profitsharing.’
    • ‘We also pointed out that the government, by encouraging gainsharing, was increasing the tax take from employees.’
    • ‘Mike said, ‘When you do your math and figure in the gainsharing cuts, the wage increase is only 67 cents an hour and not $2.00 like the company said in the newspaper.’’
    • ‘Research documents the significant productivity and real wage effects of gainsharing in firm case studies.’
    • ‘The manual provides an overview of gainsharing and then takes you step-by-step through the design process.’
    • ‘Under gainsharing, if the pension funds go up in value a lot, employees are promised a higher benefit.’
    • ‘While recent events have opened the door to gainsharing, the door is still just opened a crack.’
    • ‘Medicare Part B and Medicaid payments to physicians generally are unaffected by a gainsharing arrangement.’
    • ‘With gainsharing, the client is prepared to pay more if it receives more value than that for which it has paid.’
    • ‘In true gainsharing arrangements, physicians are directly paid a portion of the savings.’
    • ‘Nancy Johnson (R - CT) led the charge to include the gainsharing demonstration in the final bill.’
    • ‘A study of 663 organizations demonstrated that gainsharing generated $2,200 in unbudgeted gains per employee per year.’
    • ‘Well written and thorough, Mr. Masternak's thoughtful insights and examples will help those who want to begin a gainsharing program as well as those who have had their own experiences.’



/ˈɡānˌSHeriNG/ /ˈɡeɪnˌʃɛrɪŋ/