Definition of gaita in English:



  • A kind of bagpipe played in northern Spain and Portugal.

    ‘Most bagpipes are solo instruments, though some are also associated with marching bands, notably the Highland pipe and the Galician gaita.’
    • ‘The master of the gaita (the Galician version of the bagpipe), Nunez embraces a range of influences including the Celtic strains of Ireland, Scotland and Brittany.’
    • ‘Accompaniment is provided by the bagpipe-like Galician national instrument, the gaita, which reflects the Celtic origins of the Galician people.’
    • ‘And, by the way, that pipes warning on Breakfast in Balquhidder was misleading since the whole album is full of them - Hispanic gaitas as well as Uilleann, Highland and Border pipes.’
    • ‘The current scale is tuned between the natural scale, congenital to the gaita and the tempered scale.’
    • ‘Both of the gaitas are about 70 to 90 centimeters long.’
    • ‘The gaitas and maraca are of Cuna and Kogi indigenous origin in the Atlantic coast.’



/ˈɡīdə/ /ˈɡaɪdə/


Spanish and Portuguese.