Definition of galactosidase in English:



  • An enzyme, such as lactase, that is involved in the hydrolytic breakdown of a galactoside.

    ‘If you don't digest beans, try a supplement containing alpha galactosidase, or another carbohydrate-splitting enzyme.’
    • ‘In this paper, the dynamic behavior of [beta] galactosidase was studied in chemostat cultures of E. coli synchronized with respect to cell division by periodic phosphate feeding at a period equal to the bacterial doubling time.’
    • ‘The third term accounts for the conversion of lactose to allolactose as well as the hydrolysis of lactose to glucose and galactose via [beta] galactosidase.’
    • ‘Extracts were prepared and galactosidase and ß-galactosidase assays were performed as described.’
    • ‘However, the remarkable release of galactose during dismantling of fruit cell walls has led many researchers to study galactosidases due to their apparent involvement in the mobilization of galactose.’



/ɡəˌlaktəˈsīˌdāz/ /ɡəˌlæktəˈsaɪˌdeɪz/