Definition of galactoside in English:



  • A glycoside yielding galactose on hydrolysis.

    ‘This enzyme is able to hydrolyse galactosides, such as galactinol.’
    • ‘Trade-offs in catalytic efficiency at the lac permease of Escherichia coli produce alleles with different substrate specializations that are selectively favored on different galactosides.’
    • ‘Detected levels of galactose and galactosides were very low, and no marked changes were observed with stress.’
    • ‘Their red coloration is primarily due to the flavonoid cyanidin - 3 - galactoside located in the vacuoles of skin cells.’
    • ‘In contrast, galactosides are considered as probiotics and are in fact added to specific products with therapeutic purposes.’



/ɡəˈlaktōˌsīd/ /ɡəˈlæktoʊˌsaɪd/