Definition of galbanum in English:



  • A bitter aromatic resin produced from kinds of ferula.

    ‘The ingredients asafoetida, galbanum and opoponax are all strong-smelling resins derived from plants.’
    • ‘Coptic medical documents indicate that galbanum was used to rid the home and body of fleas and other vermin.’
    • ‘A member of the Apiaceae family, galbanum is native to the Middle East and western Asia.’
    • ‘A nice and often used combination with galbanum is hyacinth so I added that as well and some light rosy and lily notes.’
    • ‘In modern pharmacopoeia, galbanum is still used as a tonic and stimulant, as well as for its action on the kidneys.’



/ˈɡalbənəm/ /ˈɡælbənəm/


Middle English via Latin from Greek khalbanē, probably of Semitic origin.