Definition of galenic in English:



  • 1

    (also Galenic)
    Relating to Galen or his methods.

    ‘Engraved in the Corpus Hippocraticum and the Galenic writings, these hypotheses formed a medical ideology that remained influential for millennia of medical history.’
    • ‘The dissension of earlier science could be conquered by an eclectic rationality based ultimately on notions in which all shared, and be turned into a stable system of Galenic medical and practical philosophy.’
    • ‘The Investiganti fought the Aristotelian philosophers, Galenic physicians, and just about every other form of traditional learning they could attack, bringing their disciples under strong suspicion of atheism between 1688 and 1697.’
    • ‘Sullivan defends a Galenic view of lethargy, arguing that it is a symptom of resistance to coercive regimes.’
    • ‘A similar space for resistance was unintentionally carved out by Galenic humoral theory, which constructed women's bodies as ‘leaky’ vessels.’
    1. 1.1(of a medicine) galenical.
      ‘Thank you for viewing the Method for the innoformulation of a biocompatible galenic base patent info.’
      • ‘Thus, the new galenic formulations object of the present invention are suitable for administration one a day.’
      • ‘Moreover, the possibility to use a patented galenic form becomes progressively more important as a marketing instrument.’
      • ‘In order to start the clinical phases for the HIV fusion inhibitors compounds, the company requires a technological partner with expertise in galenic peptide.’



/ɡāˈlenik/ /ɡeɪˈlɛnɪk/