Definition of Galenism in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌnizəm/


See Galen

‘It is essentially in the form of Galenism that Greek medicine was transmitted to the Renaissance scholars.’
  • ‘This anatomical atlas, although drawn from dissection, did not reject Galenism as did the Fabrica of Vesalius.’
  • ‘In doing so he destroyed the foundation of the whole teaching of Galenism and the belief in its authority, and paved the way for the free investigation of nature.’
  • ‘Paracelsus considered himself superior to Celsus; his revolt against Galenism and its dogmas gave direction to the search for new concepts of disease.’
  • ‘While Cavendish was in many respects a Galenist, I show that she also reinterpreted Galenism in terms of her own theory of matter and an occasionalist theory of causation.’