Definition of Galenist in English:


Pronunciation /-nist/

adjective & noun

See Galen

‘Furthermore, one positive feature of Galenist medicine was its reliance on the mind-body unity.’
  • ‘He was a Galenist whose philosophic contributions were more innovative than his medicine.’
  • ‘In the interval between 1536 and 1543, Vesalius became so estranged from his Galenist past that his teachers suffered a kind of damnatio memoriae.’
  • ‘Other suggestions of the Galenist theory are sex change and hermaphroditism, both of which fall outside the ordinary course of nature and are thus relegated to monstrosity.’
  • ‘In his theories, Rhazes was a Galenist; in practice, he seems to have been guided more by the principles of Hippocrates.’