Definition of galia melon in English:

galia melon


  • A small rounded melon of a variety with rough skin and fragrant orange flesh.

    ‘Half a galia melon is one point and a portion of strawberries is 0.5.’
    • ‘The three-course set menu sounds too good to be true at €15.90, and starters included seafood chowder, eggs harlequin, pate maison, prawn cocktail and chilled galia melon.’
    • ‘There is a 7-foot wide row of cantaloupes, galia melons, and watermelons, about 40 feet long.’
    • ‘Cut or ripe cantaloupe, honeydew, and galia melons should be stored in refrigeration.’
    • ‘Even the more exotic casaba and galia melons grace produce departments everywhere.’
    • ‘20 pounds of bananas a flat of apriums a pint of blueberries a flat of heirloom purple cherokee tomatoes a case of galia melons a case of haden mangos’
    • ‘A galia melon is similar to a cantaloupe.’
    • ‘I have 3 galia melons and 1 English cuke in a 2ft wide x 6ft long raised bed.’
    • ‘Ripe, delicious cut up chunks of a variety of melons which may include honeydew, cantaloupe, orange honeydew, ambrosia, canadew, crenshaw, galia melons, yellow and red seedless watermelon ready for you to dig right in.’


galia melon

/ˈɡälēə ˌmelən/ /ˈɡɑliə ˌmɛlən/


From the Hebrew given name Galia.