Definition of Galilean telescope in English:

Galilean telescope


  • An astronomical telescope of the earliest type, with a biconvex objective and biconcave eyepiece.

    ‘Examples of refracting afocal systems include an ordinary Keplerian telescope, a Galilean telescope, and a lens-erecting telescope.’
    • ‘The film does rather off-handedly allude to the fact that scientific innovations were important for the art of that time, particularly the camera obscura and the Galilean telescope.’
    • ‘A typical Galilean telescope with which Jupiter's moons could be observed was configured as follows.’
    • ‘A variation on the Galilean telescope was suggested by Johannes Kepler in his 1611 book Dioptrice.’
    • ‘A 3x afocal Galilean telescope has a separation between the objective and ocular lens of 2cm.’
    • ‘Reading systems can be fabricated which combine a Galilean telescope with a plus lens cap to focus at near.’
    • ‘For instance, consider a Galilean telescope with a + 2.00 objective and a - 8.00 ocular.’
    • ‘Eschenbach Galilean telescopes for distance are available in monocular or binocular systems.’
    • ‘I actually have two on that replica Galilean telescope, so I made certain both were covered.’
    • ‘The Astronomy Group built Galilean telescopes and used them to study the same heavenly bodies that Galileo did 375 years ago.’
    • ‘When in alignment, the Galilean telescopes provide an increase or decrease in magnification, depending on orientation of the telescopes.’
    • ‘Actually, the Galilean telescope was quickly abandoned for other types, in particular the design suggested by Johannes Kepler.’
    • ‘The Keplerian telescopic system is heavier than the Galilean telescope because the eyepiece and objective are composed of two plus lenses.’
    • ‘While the pupil of the Keplerian telescope can be matched to the observer's eye, the pupil of the Galilean telescope is always mismatched.’
    • ‘Equations have been derived for Galilean telescopes and telemicroscopes that make it unnecessary to find pupils and ports, or to know the powers of the lenses.’
    • ‘The reverse Galilean telescopes are tilted relative to each other.’
    • ‘In 1611 Johannes Kepler invented the ‘astronomical telescope’, which had a much larger field of view than the Galilean telescope and a much brighter, although inverted, image.’
    • ‘The Galilean telescopes in the IMSS have rather strong ocular lenses, and unfortunately such lenses were not available from the department.’
    • ‘During this activity we will concentrate on Keplerian and Galilean telescopes; telescopes made with two lenses instead of a combination of lenses and mirrors.’
    • ‘The main obstacles to the acceptance of these devices are cosmetic considerations, the ring scotoma caused by the magnification, and the limited field of the smaller Galilean telescopes.’


Galilean telescope

/ˌɡaləˈlēən ˈteləˌskōp/ /ˌɡæləˈliən ˈtɛləˌskoʊp/