Main definitions of galilee in English

: galilee1Galilee2


Pronunciation /ˈɡaləˌlē/ /ˈɡæləˌli/

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  • A chapel or porch at the entrance to some English churches.

    • ‘An exceptionally long nave was constructed, which ended with a massive west-work completed in the early C13; the west porch or galilee was remodelled soon afterwards.’


Middle English from Old French, from medieval Latin galilea ‘Galilee’. Compare with gallery.

Main definitions of Galilee in English

: galilee1Galilee2


Pronunciation /ˈɡaləˌlē/ /ˈɡæləˌli/

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proper noun

  • A northern region of ancient Palestine, west of the River Jordan, associated with the ministry of Jesus. It is now part of Israel.