Definition of galingale in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡalənˌɡāl/ /ˈɡælənˌɡeɪl/


  • 1A Eurasian sedge with an aromatic rhizome, formerly used in perfumes.

    Cyperus longus, family Cyperaceae

    ‘When we speak of nutsedges, umbrella-sedges or galingales, we're referring to species in the genus Cyperus.’
    • ‘The sweet galingale with its terminal umbels of stiff spiky leaves has bent over double.’
    • ‘Gerard's English galingale is a sedge and was known as Cyperus longus by physicians and herbalists long before Linnaeus made the name ‘official’.’
    • ‘The number of rare species includes the serpentine thrift (Armeria vulgaris serpentini), the pannonian thyme, the prostrated speedwell, the English galingale and the mudwort.’
  • 2

    variant spelling of galangal


Late 16th century variant of galangal.