Definition of gamma rays in English:

gamma rays

plural noun

  • Penetrating electromagnetic radiation of a kind arising from the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei.

    • ‘The more actual atoms in the material, the higher the chances that the gamma ray photon will collide with one of them, thus expending its energy on the lead, and not on your body.’
    • ‘When it decays it emits a beta particle and a gamma ray, leaving behind a protactinium - 234 atom.’
    • ‘It depends on the spectrum of the gamma ray burst.’
    • ‘After a time (dependent of the length of radiation) the gamma rays are counted by gamma ray sensitive spectrometers.’
    • ‘The fast chips used in desktop and laptop computers on Earth would never survive in space because cosmic gamma ray radiation would deposit electrical charges on the chips, and cause data loss or other failures.’
    • ‘It seemed implausible to other scientists that a mere gamma ray could kick protons out of wax - this was like expecting to deflect a bowling ball with a pea-shooter.’
    • ‘The gamma ray spectrum is usually defined as light having a frequency between 10 and 10 Hertz.’
    • ‘A medium that emits light in response to an interaction between a gamma ray and the medium is provided.’
    • ‘The system was able to identify the direction of the incoming gamma ray with a precision better than 0.1°.’
    • ‘Hete detects the fleeting gamma ray and X-ray portions of these bursts, and its prompt localization enables scientists to study the burst afterglow, which can linger from days to weeks in optical light and radio waves.’
    • ‘The gamma ray spectrometer suite is unique in that it senses the composition below the surface to a depth as great as one meter.’
    • ‘That kind of resolution is good for small objects like neutron stars, gamma ray bursts and black holes.’
    • ‘The gamma ray detector hardware and signal processing software is based on technologies originally developed for space science.’
    • ‘An electronic signal is generated and a computer composes an image of the gamma ray distribution.’
    • ‘Every railcar that enters and leaves the U.S. is scanned by $1.5 million gamma ray machines capable of penetrating the heavy steel containers - while the cars are rolling.’
    • ‘Astronomers have identified the most distant ever gamma ray burst, a cosmic event that took place when the universe was a mere 900 million years old, less than seven per cent of its present age.’
    • ‘The most direct tracer of these accelerated particles is the X-ray and gamma ray radiation that they produce as they travel through the solar atmosphere.’
    • ‘The topmost paper was a graph measuring gamma ray radiation from sunspots over the past few months.’
    • ‘For that purpose, experts suggest additional sensors such as gamma ray detectors to catch smuggled nuclear material.’
    • ‘The two men inspected recently installed systems for checking passports and detecting stowaways on vehicles, including heartbeat sensors and gamma ray scanners.’