Definition of gaper in English:



  • 1A burrowing bivalve mollusk, the shell valves of which have an opening at one or both ends.

    Genus Mya, family Myidae

    ‘Areas exhibiting mixed sand and mud constitute a relatively stable substrate in which typical sand-living animals, such as sand gapers, lugworms, and razor shells, dwell.’
    • ‘Well-known bivalves to which the name gaper could be applied are the razor clam, and the soft-shelled clam; but the latter is something of an exception in that it can survive for some time without water (indeed without oxygen).’
    • ‘And the prized geoduck - the largest burrowing clam in the world - is occasionally found among the gaper clams in Tomales Bay.’
  • 2A person who stares in amazement or wonder.

    ‘her sort of success inevitably attracted gapers’
    • ‘They all try to out beat the other with the best impression of a gaper.’
    • ‘In the shade of a sycamore grove, bikers sat cross-legged on idled Harleys, heckling the gapers and high-fiving each other.’
    onlooker, passer-by, non-participant, observer, spectator, eyewitness, witness, looker-on, sightseer, watcher, viewer, gaper



/ˈɡāpər/ /ˈɡeɪpər/