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  • The activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime.

    ‘You can tell a judge is popular when an usher at his court fashions a humorous painting of him enjoying his favourite pastime of gardening.’
    • ‘In the end, fall is only the beginning of gardening as a family activity.’
    • ‘His love of animals preceded his love of gardening, and he says a good gardener is automatically a naturalist.’
    • ‘One of Ian's hobbies being gardening, the small garden was filled with brightly coloured flowers.’
    • ‘Tour the magical gardens with the Brockhole gardening team, on Wednesday, and enter a world of discovery.’
    • ‘Sales of sunglasses are booming as are sets of garden furniture and gardening equipment as people pour out of doors.’
    • ‘She and her husband Dave, 65, shared a love of organic gardening.’
    • ‘As well as filming on the Moors he was also planning to visit his grandfather's allotment where he had first developed his love of gardening.’
    • ‘Linda described him as a wonderful man who loved football and gardening.’
    • ‘I do love a bit of gardening, though, and a raised border is much easier for me to get to than grovelling at ground level.’
    • ‘If you're into the more subversive, wacky side of vegetable gardening then you will love this book.’
    • ‘She loves her gardening and she gets food shopping for her elderly neighbours.’
    • ‘You can even benefit from time spent doing routine aerobic activities such as gardening or housework.’
    • ‘She'd stopped driving five months before because it was too painful for her, and soon afterwards she'd also given up gardening, which she loved.’
    • ‘After retirement, she developed her love of gardening.’
    • ‘As well as coaching, Christie indulges his love of gardening.’
    • ‘In retirement he added a love of gardening to his sporting interests.’
    • ‘In his retirement he said he will have time for his hobbies of gardening and he will be kept busy with many duties and a post as Canon at Chester Cathedral.’
    • ‘In retirement, she was able to indulge in her hobbies of gardening, choral singing, and woodwork.’
    • ‘Alison too, remembers her mother's love of gardening and flowers.’



/ˈɡärd(ə)niNG/ /ˈɡɑrd(ə)nɪŋ/