Definition of garishly in English:



See garish

  • ‘This technology has given the state its dominant symbols - even when temperatures warm up to near freezing, Alaskans rumble about outside in thick, garishly colored parkas, as if displaying the symbols of a common tribe.’
  • ‘Set against a garishly psychedelic Thailand, the frenetic musical comedy revolves around Bay, a mop-topped rock drummer who is a devout Buddhist trying to achieve the 10th level of sacred drumming.’
  • ‘A large quantity of the toys - garishly coloured flashing dummies and fur-covered dogs, cats, rabbits and pandas - were seized during a swoop in Yorkshire Street by trading standards officers.’
  • ‘Decorated colourfully, though not garishly, the place is cheerful and welcoming, and the family who runs it is invariably cordial and ready to answer any questions you might throw their way.’
  • ‘Take, for example, the symbolic doll face garishly created with white greasepaint around the forehead and temples of the models.’