Definition of garpike in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡärpīk/ /ˈɡɑrpaɪk/

noungarpike, garpikes

another term for garfish
‘Once, she said, as she stood in shallow water in her high-necked, skirted, black bathing suit, a long-nosed garpike swam across her toes and startled her.’
  • ‘The alligator garpike cannot really be recommended as an aquarium fish because of its size.’
  • ‘Several species of garpike occur in marine waters, but these tend to be the giant species, and the small spotted garpike is normally only found in either fresh or slightly brackish water.’
  • ‘A few freshwater fishes may occur in the least saline parts of the estuary (for example garpike, ropefishes and cichlids).’
  • ‘For both the organochlorine pesticides and PCBs, the concentrations were higher in the homogenates of migrating pelagic partly open-sea species (herring, sprat, garpike) than in the homogenates of less migrating coastal species (smelt, pike, perch).’


Late 18th century from gar+ pike.