Definition of gas-powered in English:



  • 1Powered by gas.

    ‘a gas-powered generator’
    • ‘Wind, by its nature, shows a higher level of variability of supply than traditional oil- or gas-powered stations.’
    • ‘The hybrid plant combines two 1,000-ton gas-powered chillers with two comparable electric chillers.’
    • ‘A gas-powered electricity plant has been proposed, by which power generated from the gas would enter the national power grid.’
    • ‘The fire was probably caused by combustible material being placed too close to a cylinder gas-powered heater in the caravan.’
    • ‘A convoy of 41 gas-powered vans arrived at the depot, making their now 135-strong green fleet the largest in the South West.’
    • ‘Police have seized a kitchen knife and a gas-powered pistol.’
    • ‘Gangs of youngsters have also smashed a wooden garage and stolen two gas-powered barbecues.’
    • ‘The restaurant felt chilly without its gas-powered under-floor heating.’
    • ‘A lot of buses are now gas-powered.’
    1. 1.1North American Powered by petrol.
      ‘gas-powered vehicles’
      • ‘For the first time, electric vehicles are penciling out cheaper than their gas-powered counterparts.’
      • ‘Imagine driving 900 miles with your traditional, gas-powered engine.’
      • ‘Keep it green but keep it simple with gas-powered cars that rate at or near 40 mpg in highway driving.’
      • ‘A motor doesn't necessarily need to be gas-powered to be called an engine.’
      • ‘The airline is replacing gas-powered ground vehicles that transport bags with electric ones at its Philadelphia hub.’
      • ‘Most of our farm equipment or lawn and garden equipment in 2013 America is still gas-powered.’
      • ‘As our customers' driving habits evolve, we're proud to provide innovative and reliable ways to fuel their vehicles, whether it's gas-powered or electric.’
      • ‘Many people haven't wanted to buy electric cars because they cost significantly more than similar cars which are fully gas-powered.’
      • ‘Later these horses would be replaced by gas-powered trucks, and the stable was converted into general storage.’
      • ‘As they were bringing a gas-powered air compressor downstairs for winter storage, gasoline spilled onto the floor when the cap dislodged.’