Definition of gasbag in English:


Pronunciation /ˈɡasˌbaɡ/ /ˈɡæsˌbæɡ/

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  • 1informal A person who talks too much, typically about unimportant things.

    • ‘The members passed an enormous tax cut in the teeth of a recession - taking us from surplus to deficit so quickly that not even the talk-radio gasbags could convincingly pin the blame on our all-weather scapegoat.’
    • ‘Via Matt, I read this post by him on the Spanish elections and ensuing charges of ‘appeasement,’ by the hysterical gasbags on the right.’
    • ‘The point is, you can get political discussion and debate from all sides without ever even thinking about bloated gasbags like Bill or Al.’
    • ‘The gasbags were going on and on about how silly it was for him to get angry about a purported message in their new puppet movie in which they tell young people not to vote.’
    • ‘Have you ever noticed that the gasbags who go out of their way to defend him are the same people who argue that he should be fired?’
    • ‘A lot of prowar gasbags don't understand how truly serious things are.’
    • ‘It would be nice to break the lock that these gasbags have on them but we shouldn't just pin our hopes on that alone.’
    • ‘Barely a word of conversation passed between us until both dishes were dispatched - quite a feat for two old gasbags.’
    • ‘He responded by calling him ‘a bombastic gasbag.’’
    • ‘Or should we turn to the simplest explanation: that he's a gasbag who never intended to sue and just wanted to throw a scare at the journalists following his story?’
    • ‘Either that or he is just a gasbag who has some neurotic need to articulate every half baked misfired synapse that passes through his cerebral cortex.’
    • ‘While it can be difficult to spot a gasbag before they get started, oftentimes you can pick up on subtle clues.’
    • ‘The realtor we used to buy our house is a bit of a gasbag, and no offense to realtors, but are any of them not?’
    • ‘The context is that a pill popping fascist gasbag who popularized hatespin and character assassination is getting a taste of his own medicine.’
    • ‘And you can occasionally say, ‘Shut up you fatuous gasbag!’’
    • ‘First, he is a bullying semi-Catholic gasbag.’
    • ‘He is a big Texan gasbag, but at least he's a liberal-minded big Texan gasbag whom I tend to agree with a good 90 percent of the time.’
    • ‘No answer was forthcoming, just the patended evasions of the typical west-hating anti-war gasbag.’
    • ‘Who likes to hear a snobbish intellectual gasbag show off at a cocktail party?’
    • ‘I think we've seen the peak of the right wing gasbag monopoly.’
    talker, chatterer, jabberer, babbler, prattler, blatherer, prater
  • 2The container holding the gas in a balloon or airship.

    ‘My guess is, they're able to make better gasbags.’
    • ‘Right at the top of the map, are a few multi-coloured balloons, perhaps reflecting the increasing trend of advertisers using colourful gasbags.’
    • ‘The much smaller Goodyear blimp, and others like it, have no rigid structure inside the gasbag, and rely on gas pressure to hold the bag in shape.’