Definition of gasolier in English:


(also gaselier)


  • A chandelier with gas burners rather than light bulbs or candles.

    • ‘Controversy arose last week over the auction of seven gasoliers and an organ.’
    • ‘A welcoming fire filled the great fireplace, restored Grecian gasoliers hung overhead, and the acoustic-friendly gallery was soon filled with my technically-imperfect Schumann.’
    • ‘The flickering soft light I had seen through the window came from a gasolier that hung over the table.’
    • ‘The music reverberated from low rafters hung with ornamental gasoliers.’
    • ‘The chandeliers in the drawing room, originally gasoliers, had been converted to electric light sometime in the 1920s.’
    • ‘That Mrs Proudie installed gaseliers in the Bishop's palace for her first formal reception in Trollope's Barchester Towers was an indication of her hopelessly middle-class background.’


Mid 19th century from gas, on the pattern of chandelier.