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  • A tank for storing and measuring gas.

    ‘The expired gas was measured in a wet gasometer.’
    • ‘The design takes its cue from redundant gasometer and gantry structures adjoining the site.’
    • ‘What could be better than, instead of tearing down its one remaining - and in aesthetic terms, extremely attractive - gasometer, to keep it, and supplement its worth by bringing other fine examples from across the UK to join it?’
    • ‘However, powers superior to me concluded that our very own gasometer did not qualify for preservation and celebration as the best of Britain's gas-holding heritage.’
    • ‘In 1998 it was roundly condemned for giving a B-listing to the 100-year-old, 300 ft-high Granton gasometer on Edinburgh's seafront.’



/ɡaˈsämədər/ /ɡæˈsɑmədər/


Late 18th century (in the sense ‘container for holding or measuring a gas’): from French gazomètre, from gaz ‘gas’ + -mètre ‘(instrument) measuring’.