Definition of gaucherie in English:


Pronunciation /ˌɡōSHəˈrē/ /ˌɡoʊʃəˈri/


  • Awkward, embarrassing, or unsophisticated ways.

    ‘she had long since gotten over gaucheries such as blushing’
    • ‘In the second instance, embarrassment makes Jean infringe the dietary code governing the gouter for which his status as an orphan has earned him an invitation and which only serves to highlight his social inferiority and his gaucherie.’
    • ‘I have, too, a sort of spiritual gaucherie which makes me unapt to participate in any rite.’
    • ‘Although he crows endlessly about dating a younger woman, he often seems ashamed by her gaucherie.’
    • ‘He is an extraordinary amalgam of intelligence and foolishness, wisdom and innocence, grace and gaucherie, charm and histrionic offensiveness.’
    • ‘In the last 15 years, the mode of quick cutting has hidden some of the physical gaucheries, but it can't give them graces they don't possess.’
    blunder, mistake, error, slip


Late 18th century French, from gauche (see gauche).