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gay pride

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  • 1Confidence, self-respect, and solidarity as expressed by gay people, associated with openness about one’s own sexual identity, and the celebration of gay culture and history.

    ‘the perfect symbol of gay pride’
    • ‘The plan is to stage the ‘event within the event’ at art openings, movie showings in public parks and gay pride functions.’
    • ‘These are contrasting scenes from just two of several gay pride marches throughout Europe yesterday to draw attention to discrimination against homosexuals and to urge political leaders to grant them equal rights.’
    • ‘This may explain why some choose to wear Aboriginal tee-shirts at anti-nuclear marches or gay pride badges when we are as straight as, well, the next straight person.’
    • ‘None of these strangers imagines that each night I go home to a woman, that I march in gay pride parades, that I fight their assumptions on a daily basis.’
    • ‘Calcutta hosts the first-ever gay pride march in the subcontinent.’
    • ‘Well, the ironic thing is that there are gay pride marches being held right now on Pennsylvania Avenue across the street.’
    • ‘We probably used the term gay power more than gay pride in that particular march.’
    • ‘He led from the front in gay pride marches and made a point of explaining his sexuality when taking briefs from the politicos.’
    • ‘Parents led the way in Mexico City as thousands marched to celebrate gay pride and promote tolerance.’
    • ‘Given that gay pride events traditionally celebrate the riots outside New York's Stonewall Inn on June 27th 1969, I'd always assumed that they all happened on the same weekend.’
    • ‘Like the non-Jewish Danes who wore the Star of David, a street full of neighbors flying gay pride flags could protect and support through ambiguation.’
    • ‘But despite the fact that Edmonton is ground zero for important gains to gay rights in the province, gay pride is still a political hot potato around city hall.’
    • ‘His show has proven so popular that he's now played gay pride events around the world, including Sydney's Mardi Gras and Berlin's Love Parade.’
    • ‘My next-door neighbor flies his gay pride flag in his front yard.’
    • ‘Two have rainbows, the traditional symbol of lesbian and gay pride.’
    • ‘Furthermore, gay pride reinforces the existence of the opposite dichotomy: heterosexual identity.’
    • ‘The flamboyance that always marks gay pride parades was clearly on display as colourful sequins shimmered under the warm summer sun.’
    • ‘I bought a badge on the first gay pride demonstration I attended (alright, it was 21 years ago).’
    • ‘Gay pride is the perfect context for what I'm saying, because to really appreciate the meaning of gay pride is to truly feel it.’
    • ‘This is a sad situation on the eve of our gay pride celebrations.’
    • ‘Canadian cities decided to fly the rainbow-coloured gay pride flag for the duration of the Games.’
    • ‘This is a deeply fraught event for politicians wary of its prohibition on public expressions of gay pride.’
    • ‘He's not exactly a poster child for gay pride.’
    • ‘I'm here to represent gay pride and bring my stepson for the first time.’
    • ‘The activists own the small house and painted it rainbow colours to signify gay pride and diversity.’
    • ‘The court system was created in 1965 to foster gay pride and to unify a community under siege by politicians and the police.’
    • ‘It was a chance for members of the gay pride community to see for themselves whether his actions matched the fine words on the document he'd signed.’
    • ‘She chose to show her support for gay pride with a pride flag on her desktop computer at work.’
    • ‘Gay pride means changing laws so that same-sex couples receive the same rights and benefits as heterosexual couples.’
    • ‘Many fear that the law could be used to arrest those simply showing gay pride or support of gay rights.’
    1. 1.1A public event, typically involving a parade, held to celebrate gay and other LGBT identities, culture, and experience.
      ‘the two best performers get the chance to do their act at gay pride’
      • ‘tens of thousands of people have thronged the streets of Paris to mark the city's Gay Pride’
      • ‘People gathered for the nation's first-ever gay pride parade.’
      • ‘We organised the annual gay pride.’
      • ‘The island has a large gay community and its annual gay pride is the biggest in Asia.’
      • ‘He canceled a weekend appearance at the city's gay pride parade.’
      • ‘He helped organise the UK's first gay pride march, in London, in 1972.’
      • ‘Granted, it was busy with gay pride being that weekend and the parade that day.’
      • ‘Our mayor is not one of those that openly participates in gay pride events.’
      • ‘He is performing in his first gay pride festival this Friday night.’
      • ‘Saturday marked the start of two weekends of gay pride in Chicago.’
      • ‘I mean look at the attendance at Gay Pride in New York City.’


gay pride

/ɡā prīd/ /ɡeɪ praɪd/