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gear lever

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(also gearstick)
  • A lever used to engage or change gear in a motor vehicle; a gearshift.

    ‘It's a van, so you have to give the gearstick some elbow and work with the steering wheel a bit.’
    • ‘Rather than take the gamble of waiting for the engine and gearbox to finish nattering and give you what you need, you flick the gearstick to the left and you're in control.’
    • ‘With the key in place, the power button switches the engine on and then you just knock the dashboard-mounted gearstick into drive and away you go.’
    • ‘Manual shifts are made either at the gear lever or at shift paddles behind the steering wheel.’
    • ‘It's pretty clattery on tick-over and if you, like me, leave your foot gently resting on the clutch pedal and your hand on the gearstick, you'll be complaining of pins and needles before too long.’
    • ‘The steering wheel and pedals are all located dead ahead and the outboard gearstick falls nicely to hand.’
    • ‘The gearstick has developed an annoying grating sound but only, it seems, when in fifth gear.’
    • ‘The dash-mounted gearstick felt sloppy and lacked any feel to it when trying to find a gear.’
    • ‘Firstly, I have moved off with no trace of kangaroo petrol, the gear lever having slotted positively into place, the clutch biting smoothly and the driveline not behaving like a giant spring suddenly unwound.’
    • ‘This might not sound powerful enough for hauling 2.8t around and you have to row it along on the gear lever a little but the torque back-up is good while turbocharger lag is minimal.’
    • ‘I found the driving position cramped while my co-driver said that she had trouble with reaching the gear lever which did seem further away from the driver than normal.’
    • ‘The door-pulls and the gear lever are in translucent coloured plastic, and the rear seats individually slide, fold and stow away to enlarge the meagre boot.’
    • ‘Turn the key to On, lift the cover on the tip of the gear lever, and press the ‘Engine Start’ button.’
    • ‘The plastic dash and centre console, where the gear lever was mounted, looked sturdy and practical.’
    • ‘Clicking the gear lever to the right engages sport mode, which alters the change pattern of the gearbox.’
    • ‘It's an automatic and a manual - and in manual mode you can change gear with the gear lever or Formula One-style paddles mounted either side of the steering wheel.’
    • ‘The gear lever is short and stubby with the changes crisp and tight.’
    • ‘Titanium-tinted aluminium is also used inside, particularly in the control areas such as the gear lever, the electric park brake handle and vent surrounds.’
    • ‘However, the instruments and controls are well laid out, including a gear lever sprouting from the dashboard.’
    • ‘The dash-mounted gearstick falls naturally to hand and the controls are clear and well laid out.’


gear lever

/ˈɡir ˌlevər/ /ˈɡɪr ˌlɛvər/