Definition of gear up in English:

gear up

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phrasal verb

  • 1Change to a higher gear.

  • 2Prepare or equip oneself for something; get ready.

    ‘the region geared up for the tourist season’
    • ‘as the presidential campaigns begin to gear up, the candidates are making their positions known’
    get ready, prepare, make preparations, arrange things, make provision, get everything set, take the necessary steps, do the necessary, lay the groundwork, do the spadework, gird up one's loins, rig oneself out, arm oneself
    prepare, make preparations, make provisions, get everything ready, make ready, take the necessary steps, do the necessary
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    1. 2.1gear someone or something up, gear up someone or somethingPrepare, adapt, or equip someone or something for a particular purpose.
      ‘the factory was geared up to build 30,000 cars per year’
      • ‘he geared us up with boots, crampons, ice tools, a harness, and a helmet’
  • 3(of a company) increase its borrowings.

    • ‘the group will be gearing up this year’