Definition of geekery in English:



  • Obsessive interest in or enthusiasm for a subject, typically one of specialist or minority interest.

    • ‘the New York Comic Con begins today, and with it comes all the geekery one expects of comic-book conventions’
    • ‘Now there's a fine example of ancient Internet geekery!’
    • ‘You may know plenty of women who are involved in geekery.’
    • ‘Beware: Intense geekery for the rest of today's entry.’
    • ‘Computer geekery aside, the book was an interesting insight into the world of the solo operative.’
    • ‘There's a free spirit in gaming culture that's represented in charming geekery.’
    • ‘Oh yes, this is definitely my sort of geekery.’
    • ‘Luckily for me, I have a focus for my geekery, in the form of this weblog.’
    • ‘Blimey, it's official, I'm definitely heading into the deep dark world of photographic geekery.’
    • ‘You could sprinkle each one with a disparate bit of geekery, or go all out with a massive multi-monitor spread.’
    • ‘Forty-eight hours, hundreds of hackers and an endless supply of pizza: the perfect combination for a weekend of geekery.’
    • ‘So there's lots of music geekery coming up, folks.’
    • ‘Right, carry on with the transport geekery!’
    • ‘It made shopping for comics and other geekery as birthday gifts easy, provided I was willing to brave the sales staff.’
    • ‘It's a lively locus of geekery, pop culture and technology activism.’
    • ‘Brief bit of bike geekery now.’
    • ‘Geekery has always been a boy thing, but the report reveals that 33% are female!’
    • ‘Oh yes, I had entered the world of geekery, wizardry and nerdery.’
    • ‘It's for people who engage in geekery as a lifestyle rather than as a vocation.’
    • ‘This involved a great deal of driving and then some techie geekery so that I could record the gig.’
    • ‘It wasn't all hard-core geekery though.’



/ˈɡēkərē/ /ˈɡikəri/