Definition of Geiger counter in English:

Geiger counter

(also Geiger-Müller counter)

Pronunciation /ˈˌɡaɪɡər ˈˌkaʊn(t)ər/

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  • A device for measuring radioactivity by detecting and counting ionizing particles.

    ‘The Geiger counter, a device used to detect the presence of radioactivity, works on this principle.’
    • ‘Pipes and other kinds of containers can be filled with radon gas and then checked with a Geiger counter or other detection device.’
    • ‘These arcs emit light high in the ultraviolet, as well as centimeter-wavelength sound, which together with the intense electromagnetic perturbations produced are particularly effective in activating the Geiger counters.’
    • ‘A Geiger counter would detect a much higher number of such particles during an airplane flight than it would on the surface of Earth (away from radioactive sources, of course).’
    • ‘In 1962, they sent up a rocket equipped with Geiger counters to look for solar x rays reflected from the moon.’
    • ‘But every single atom of a radioisotope advertised its presence when it decayed, since the radiation could be detected with a Geiger counter.’
    • ‘Just what every physicist has dreamt of: a watch with a Geiger counter in it!’
    • ‘When the pile of uranium and carbon blocks was about 10 ft high and the cadmium control rods were pulled out far enough, Geiger counters showed that a steady-state chain reaction had been successfully accomplished.’
    • ‘They were unsuccessful, however, largely because neutrons (the particles for which they were seeking) do not readily ionize atoms and are not, therefore, detected by any standard tools such as cloud chambers or Geiger counters.’
    • ‘The invention of this tube enabled the development and use of the Geiger-Müller counter as a practical method for the detection of radioactivity.’
    • ‘You can measure radiation up there with a Geiger counter, but tying that down to biological consequences isn't as straightforward as saying so many crackles equal a certain risk.’
    • ‘He even went through the area with a Geiger counter to check for radiation, but came up empty.’
    • ‘If we could detect high-energy particles, we would be able to spot radioactive substances from great distances - no Geiger counters necessary.’
    • ‘These results can also cover the case of radioactive decay, in which the randomly spaced events are signals from a Geiger counter exposed to a weak, stable radioactive source.’
    • ‘A Geiger counter exposed to a weak radioactive source may appear to be a good source of random time intervals.’
    • ‘The installation of the work in the gallery was eerily beautiful, the polished metal devices, metal bowls, Geiger counters, and stacks of lead and paraffin blocks serving as a monument to an antiquated but still functional technology.’
    • ‘Wire a Geiger counter to your accelerator pedal.’
    • ‘Compared with a Geiger counter, this technique is very efficient: Radiation can be detected at long distances and at relatively high speeds.’
    • ‘Everything was monotonous and sterile, even the men, who were all dressed in identical anti-radiation safe-suits with attached Geiger counters and gas masks.’
    • ‘The scientists took notes, mapped the strange occurrences, used Geiger counters and interviewed witnesses.’