Definition of gelt in English:


Pronunciation /ɡelt/ /ɡɛlt/


  • Money.

    • ‘I just wish I could remember the URL and help them make some more gelt.’
    • ‘Despite my earlier misgivings, this place is a find for those ready to shell out serious gelt.’
    • ‘We've vowed to help these unfortunate million- and billionaires lose their confusion, pain and gelt… er, guilt, despite their oppressively large bank accounts.’
    • ‘While I wish they were correct, I feel compelled to pass on some bad news: writing a chessbook is rarely going to make you anything worthwhile (as far as gelt is concerned).’
    • ‘It drew $31, or about $400 in today's gelt.’
    cash, hard cash, ready money


Early 16th century (originally often used to refer to the pay of a German army): from German Geld ‘money’.