Definition of Gen Xer in English:

Gen Xer


  • A member of Generation X (born in the 1960s and 1970s)

    ‘of the 1,000 Gen Xers polled, 68 percent said they owned their homes’
    • ‘The familiarity and warmth of the Muppets combined with the soothing heartfelt music of the late John Denver will make any Gen Xer feel like a kid again.’
    • ‘When the album came out eight years ago, it conveyed a powerful sense of the present; as though a Gen Xer with poetic sensibilities had stumbled into a session with a rapper.’
    • ‘It has come to my attention that there is someone I know, someone who is a Gen-Xer like myself, who does not have a mobile phone.’
    • ‘When a Gen-Xer faces involuntary job loss, as with any other age group, it's never easy.’
    • ‘He delivers a laudably subdued performance as an aging Gen Xer whose gloomy angst is sublimated into sketches and journal entries.’
    • ‘If the Gen Xer in charge isn't figuring out how to learn the most from both Baby Boomers and Millennials, the business is suffering.’
    • ‘You don't get the feeling that a Gen Xer's home is a reflection of the woman, but of the couple.’
    • ‘While not a Gen Xer - at 50, he's clearly a Boomer - Sterling is intrigued by the way demographics are changing the world.’
    • ‘As a Gen Xer trying to make a difference in the dairy industry, he started his business in mid-1999 and positioned it with a BST-free/natural product line.’
    • ‘The more dramatic impact of Xer maturation will be on the next evolution of children's television.’
    • ‘Late Boomers (35 to 44 years old) share Atlanta as their No.1 destination, but other Xer top choices, Denver and Dallas, are further down their list.’
    • ‘The teenaged Xer wouldn't have been caught dead hitting the mall with mom; today, mothers and daughters shop together, seemingly with no embarrassment on the younger consumer's part.’
    • ‘Business can learn from smart risk takers; in turn, Gen Xers can learn from experienced players.’
    • ‘Just three years ago, educated Gen Xers seemed set to rule the world.’
    • ‘It appears that political scandal has created political apathy among Gen Xers.’
    • ‘Xers also have been the beneficiaries of the low interest rates that have prevailed since the mid-'90s.’
    • ‘Xers consider each job as an opportunity for learning, growth, and career advancement and may leave if they feel they are stagnating.’
    • ‘Very importantly, Xers have a 'balanced' approach to work, giving equal status to their personal and professional lives.’


Gen Xer

/ˌjen ˈeksər/ /ˌdʒɛn ˈɛksər/