Definition of gender-neutral in English:


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  • 1Suitable for, applicable to, or common to both male and female genders.

    ‘gender-neutral games and toys’
    • ‘the assessment criteria are gender-neutral’
    • ‘I am writing in response to your recent story about proposed gender-neutral washrooms for transgendered people.’
    • ‘He suggested the use of the gender-neutral disabled facilities.’
    • ‘Schools can easily point to a gender-neutral factor, like revenue-generation or experience playing the sport, to justify pay disparities.’
    • ‘Education is deliberately gender-neutral, with the goal of giving everyone an equal opportunity for self-realization.’
    • ‘Gender-neutral bathrooms are about creating a safe space for all genders.’
    • ‘I think a lot of this advice is gender-neutral.’
    • ‘These laws were replaced, by statute or judicial decision, with ostensibly gender-neutral standards.’
    • ‘Maybe you could buy her some gender-neutral items that have a hygienic/health benefit beyond looking like a cutie pie.’
    • ‘The work-time experiments instituted a seemingly gender-neutral scheme that reduced the length of the full-time work week for all employees.’
    • ‘A totally gender-neutral approach that does not take gender into account is also problematic, however.’
    • ‘Furthermore - as the topic of security showed - technology is not gender-neutral.’
    • ‘I don't think you can really deal with the issues Woodman raises about subjectivity as if they were gender-neutral.’
    • ‘Law's, and literature's, preference for this form of organization are not, however, disinterested and certainly not gender-neutral.’
    • ‘The future looks both to "one service - one uniform" and to gender-neutral clothing.’
    • ‘"I prefer that marriage be a gender-neutral institution," she says.’
    • ‘This and similar evidence suggests that - in accordance with society's dominant male views - male officials were not altogether gender-neutral when prosecuting cases.’
    • ‘There is no indication that Irish women's organizations acknowledged the efforts made in the 1935 Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act to legislate on a gender-neutral basis.’
    • ‘Peace, prosperity, democracy, environmental conservation and the elimination of racism and ethnocentrism are all overtly gender-neutral ideals, but each of them is also a distinctively women's issue.’
    • ‘What resulted were gender-neutral policies that furthered women's interests and improved their status.’
    • ‘Longer hair, gender-neutral clothing, and feminine mannerisms would cause it to happen more and more often.’
    1. 1.1Denoting a word or expression that cannot be taken to refer to one gender only.
      ‘gender-neutral terms like flight attendant, firefighter, and police officer’
      • ‘Even Smith College, the nation's largest liberal arts college for women. has moved toward more gender-neutral language.’
      • ‘Unfortunately, English just isn't well suited to gender-inclusive and gender-neutral phrasing.’
      • ‘Guys, as a gender-neutral term, may ease out mate.’
      • ‘Though it is often discussed in gender-neutral language, childcare is primarily a women's issue.’
      • ‘If they're using gender-neutral pronouns, it may be they simply don't want to tell you.’
      • ‘Use people-first language (e.g., people with disabilities) as well as gender-neutral language.’
      • ‘Since then, he has taken a gender-neutral name and started testosterone.’
      • ‘The physician should use gender-neutral language when inquiring about sexual partners or significant others.’
      • ‘Go with the gender-neutral "they" until they volunteer more specific details.’
      • ‘Thus the "cabin crew", the gender-neutral term in currency to describe this category of airline workers, are hired under identical service conditions, including the age of retirement.’
      • ‘Somewhat serious question: How come we don't use "it" as our gender-neutral third person singular pronoun of choice?’
      • ‘The book delineates the need for intervention around the concept of "domestic violence," a gender-neutral term that hides the fact that domestic violence pertains to woman abuse most of the time.’
      • ‘Are there languages that have gender-neutral pronouns that can be used to apply to human beings (that haven't been invented recently)?’
      • ‘After a failed attempt to change its name in 2000, the almost half-century-old Northside Businessmen's Club could become the gender-neutral Northside Business Leaders.’
      • ‘Appropriating this gender-neutral pseudonym and referring to herself as "he," the artist often wore men's suits and ties.’
      • ‘It is presumably no accident that Persian, with its low inflection and gender-neutral third person pronoun, has been lingua franca par excellence throughout much of its history.’
      • ‘Plus, of course, "it" is specifically neuter, while "ze", "hir", "per", "s/he" etc are specifically gender-neutral.’
      • ‘Older and more conservative users of the language often claim this is gender-neutral: that it will be understood to include the feminine gender as well as the masculine.’
      • ‘People from inside and outside city hall are pushing to change the term "alderman," which is currently used to describe elected municipal representatives, to the gender-neutral "councillor."’