Definition of gender dysphoria in English:

gender dysphoria

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  • The condition of feeling one's emotional and psychological identity to be at variance with one's birth sex.

    ‘The respondent's doctor then reported to management confirming that the applicant had received hormone treatment for her medical condition of gender dysphoria, had not undergone surgery, but would do so in the relatively near future.’
    • ‘After ascertaining in clinical practice that there is truly gender dysphoria, the hypnotherapist helps these patients to identify hypnotically with both sides of their life experience, the masculine and the feminine.’
    • ‘The situation is actually very simple, given that gender dysphoria is a medical condition like any other medical condition.’
    • ‘Correcting gender dysphoria involves a combination of hormone treatment, lifestyle changes and, for the few who can raise the money, genital reconstruction surgery.’
    • ‘What seems clear is that by the time some people are in college, they have been living with gender dysphoria for years.’


gender dysphoria

/ˌjendər disˈfôrēə/ /ˌdʒɛndər dɪsˈfɔriə/