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Pronunciación /ˈjenəˌrāt/ /ˈdʒɛnəˌreɪt/

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verbo transitivo

[con objeto]
  • 1Cause (something, especially an emotion or situation) to arise or come about.

    ‘changes that are likely to generate controversy’
    • ‘generate more jobs in the economy’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the situation is generating huge frustration.’
    • ‘This groundswell of emotion doesn't generate anger - there wasn't much in evidence on Saturday - so much as stubborn resistance.’
    • ‘This case scenario generates many emotions, as is evident by the uncomfortable feelings expressed by the physician who is caring for this particular couple.’
    • ‘If they are given a little freedom, I would think there is a fair chance they will generate plenty of ideas, and among them, maybe some answers will start to emerge.’
    • ‘The passion and emotion generated by war unquestionably account for its durability and its tendency to spawn new and more vengeful conflicts afterward.’
    • ‘This mental activity generates desires and emotional reactions.’
    • ‘Her job is not to generate sympathy for the accuser.’
    • ‘First, it frees individual worshipers from dependence on their feelings - from having to generate certain emotions in order to truly worship.’
    • ‘It will certainly generate enthusiasm for maths, and the web site is fun to use.’
    • ‘Third, some cases generate pride of ownership.’
    • ‘The lack of other vitamins, such as B1, B2, B6 and C, can generate feelings of irritability and depression.’
    • ‘Yes, you can generate sales - but equally, you can generate goodwill or an emotional bond.’
    • ‘The shame generated by this denial of the body was a lesson I was meant to learn, and I'm sure did learn to some degree.’
    • ‘All should take care not to fall prey to the manipulation behind the stunts, and the emotions generated by them.’
    • ‘It is a closed economic system with a built-in mechanism for generating shortages and fiscal crises, for which there is no solution.’
    • ‘Career advantage generates its own enthusiasm.’
    • ‘This encourages private investor interest, and generates employment opportunities.’
    • ‘Vision gives you purpose, and that purpose generates faith and confidence.’
    • ‘The enactment of rent control generates new opportunities for competition among tenants.’
    • ‘If you're looking for a project that generates enthusiasm and excitement, give this a try.’
    cause, give rise to, lead to, result in, bring about, bring into being, create, make, produce, initiate, engender, spawn, sow the seeds of, occasion, effect, originate, bring to pass, bring on, precipitate, prompt, provoke, kindle, trigger, spark off, touch off, stir up, whip up, induce, inspire, promote, foster, conjure
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    1. 1.1Produce (energy, especially electricity).
      ‘Solar energy is used to generate electricity through photovoltaic arrays, and to heat water by direct radiation.’
      • ‘These oscillating sound waves in the traveling-wave engine drive the piston of a linear alternator that generates electricity.’
      • ‘Electricity is generated by the power station during peak demand periods.’
      • ‘Electricity is usually generated through natural energy power (hydro-electric, thermal, wind).’
      • ‘Today the windmills are taller and sleeker and called wind turbines, and use the wind's energy to generate electricity.’
      • ‘Water constitutes cost-free energy for generating electricity that is perpetually renewable and sustainable.’
      • ‘In particular, I am thinking about our ability to generate energy or electricity.’
      • ‘Fossil fuels (I'm guessing natural gas in particular) are the lowest cost energy sources for generating electricity.’
      • ‘Incineration that uses the energy produced to generate electricity is much more straightforward and cost-effective, and could replace to some extent newly extracted carbon fuels.’
      • ‘Nutrients can be reused via irrigation, and the extracted energy can be used to generate heat and electricity.’
      • ‘When waves cause the coil to move up and down relative to the fixed magnetic shaft, voltage is induced and electricity is generated.’
      • ‘The Austrians have voted not to generate electricity from nuclear power stations.’
      • ‘So while it costs approximately 2 cents a kilowatt hour to generate electricity from coal, solar energy still costs about 10 times that amount.’
      • ‘When people exercise, their muscles consume energy and generate heat as a byproduct.’
      • ‘A possible explanation is that fast-moving blowing dust particles generated static electricity, which ignited organic matter carried along with the dust.’
      • ‘The resulting chemical reaction across the membrane breaks down the methanol, generating electricity along with water vapor and carbon dioxide as byproducts.’
      • ‘Peat was used in power stations to generate electricity and the country had three briquette factories.’
      • ‘The fuel cell generates electricity as a by-product of a chemical reaction involving dilute methanol.’
      • ‘But in its decision this week it had to abandon one potential sustainable building feature - a roof-mounted wind turbine to generate electricity.’
      • ‘The world's first floating power station, generating electricity from the Atlantic waves, is to be established off the west coast of Scotland.’
    2. 1.2Matemáticas Lingüística Produce (a set or sequence of items) by performing specified mathematical or logical operations on an initial set.
      ‘All sequence data sets were generated using the evolver program.’
      • ‘That is, the grid of initial guesses generates a set of ‘best fits’, one for each initial guess.’
      • ‘The Fibonacci sequence is generated by adding the previous two numbers in the list together to form the next and so on and so on…’
      • ‘The solid line is generated by use of Equation 1, whereas the dashed line simply connects the observed data for completely linked duplicates.’
      • ‘The black line indicates the experimental data, while the overlaid white line was generated using the rheological model described for tomato fruit epidermis by Thompson using parameters fitted to the data.’
    3. 1.3Lingüística Produce (a sentence or other unit, especially a well-formed one) by the application of a finite set of rules to lexical or other linguistic input.
      ‘In the typical application, a software program generates a phrase or sentence to be spoken by the computer.’
      • ‘The sentences can be generated by the application of general rules for the combination of the words.’
      • ‘To enhance our exemplar words and generate sentences to illustrate word meanings, we enlisted the support of the other participating teachers.’
      • ‘The original purpose of the formal grammars was generating sentences of a human language.’
    4. 1.4Matemáticas Form (a line, surface, or solid) by notionally moving a point, line, or surface.
      ‘Proclus defines a spiric surface as being the surface generated by a circle revolving about a straight line called the axis of revolution and always remaining in the same plane as this axis.’
      • ‘The concrete realisation uses the pseudosphere, a surface generated by the revolution of a tractrix about its asymptote.’
      • ‘Once designers make 3D curves, these are used to generate surfaces.’


Early 16th century (in the sense ‘beget, procreate’): from Latin generat- ‘created’, from the verb generare, from genus, gener- ‘stock, race’.