Definition of generously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjen(ə)rəslē/ /ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəsli/

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  • 1In a way that shows a readiness to give more of something, especially money, than is necessary or expected.

    ‘everyone is asked to give generously to this worthy cause’
    • ‘food is shared generously’
    • ‘They were created in the 1960s, and generously given for the enjoyment of children who love to touch and caress the bronze surfaces.’
    • ‘The manager of nationwide special programs said Canadian marathoners have given generously to the charity.’
    • ‘The group has generously purchased 2,000 safety vests and donated them to 4-H clubs to keep for future clean-up campaigns.’
    • ‘All paramedics are fully qualified on the new defibrillators, which our community so generously purchased.’
    • ‘You are asked to give as generously as possible.’
    • ‘She thanked all who contributed so generously and helped to make this novel event a great success.’
    • ‘The association wishes to thank all those who generously contributed to our recent Flag Day collections.’
    • ‘He visited 17 projects that were being funded and asked the distinguished guests to give generously.’
    • ‘This is one of the three annual collections, and parishioners are asked to give as generously as possible.’
    • ‘It is no wonder locals respond generously to fundraising efforts by the local unit.’
    1. 1.1In a way that shows kindness or warmth toward others.
      ‘the public applauded generously’
      • ‘she graciously and generously acknowledges their influence’
      • ‘Admiration is given generously when deserved.’
      • ‘My fishing partner had generously relinquished his place on the far bank in order to come and photograph my fish.’
      • ‘He brought me on-board to write about music and generously praised my nascent writing efforts.’
      • ‘Young Sarah regaled us with her mastery of the somersault while generously sharing her various toys and books with us.’
      • ‘Thank you for your unexpected invitation, and for generously extending it to my relatives.’
      • ‘She joins me in sending the most reverent thanks for your generously bestowed solicitudes.’
      • ‘And here he was. .. not knowing if she had generously allowed him to address her so.’
      • ‘As a box is reserved in his name at the theater, he has generously invited us to join him whenever it is convenient.’
      • ‘"But seriously," said the young man, generously smiling in sympathy with his father's enjoyment, "they're not unintelligent people."’
      • ‘He has generously helped me out with ideas and comments over the last fifteen years.’
  • 2Enough or more than enough in size or amount; plentifully.

    ‘generously butter a baking sheet’
    • ‘generously proportioned rooms’
    • ‘A long cord hangs from each mound, spilling generously onto the floor.’
    • ‘The projects appear very generously displayed with only a maximum of two in each room.’
    • ‘Generously sized windows line up along each side, ensuring natural light at every time of day.’
    • ‘The director's office is topped by three floors of offices subdivided by generously glazed partitions.’
    • ‘Communal areas such as gardens, entrances, staircases, and landings are all generously proportioned.’
    • ‘Fenton is dressed like Petruchio from Kiss Me Kate, and Falstaff himself wanders around in a generously padded body suit.’
    • ‘There were pictures of children working in well-equipped and generously staffed schools.’
    • ‘What does a reporter do when she is generously slathered with blobs of earth from head to toe as she travels through the jungle?’
    • ‘He was hideous looking, worsened only by the nauseating waft of cheap perfume he had so generously doused.’
    • ‘He quotes generously from gazetteers and 19th-century accounts to provide a historical perspective.’