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  • 1In a way that relates to genes or genetics.

    ‘hair color is genetically determined’
    • ‘a genetically inherited condition’
    • ‘The experiment was not a test of the safety of genetically modified organisms.’
    • ‘His genetically defective double thumbs would give him away.’
    • ‘Agency officials learned it was impossible to genetically distinguish a Florida panther from another cougar subspecies.’
    • ‘He was genetically creating fast-growing poplar trees for a monoculture plantation.’
    • ‘Benign lymphoepithelial cysts of the parotid appear to be determined genetically.’
    • ‘He argued that the neuromatrix is genetically based and "pre-wired" into our nervous system.’
    • ‘Do environmental factors (e.g., smoking, obesity) affect the aging process and thus the genetically predicted age?’
    • ‘Identical twins are genetically identical, whereas fraternal twins share half their genes in common.’
    • ‘Depression can also be genetically based.’
    • ‘Many researchers believe that some attributes of leadership are genetically influenced.’
  • 2In a way that relates to origin or development.

    ‘language varieties that are genetically related’
    • ‘These events were totally "against the odds" but almost genetically have molded the character and nature of the British and what we are about.’
    • ‘Definitions take on a meaning only when genetically developed.’
    • ‘Here could be the makings of an authoritarian system of rule distinct from, but genetically related to, the nation's previous experience of plebiscitary power.’
    • ‘He has a branding company because he "genetically" understands how to make money.’
    • ‘Basic rocks genetically connected with titaniferous magnetites appear to be of the same age.’
    • ‘The issue of contact among genetically related languages is a crucial problem for historical linguistics.’
    • ‘It avoids some of the pitfalls of more genetically inspired linguistic models.’
    • ‘Pieced together by two of the most forensic producers in electronic music, these genetically modified tracks will appeal to DJs.’
    • ‘The genetically modified poem is critic-ready, designed for the sanitized fields of modern mass production.’
    • ‘"Genetically Unemployable" is a community dedicated to supporting, educating and inspiring individuals to embrace their calling to be an entrepreneur.’



/jəˈnedək(ə)lē/ /dʒəˈnɛdək(ə)li/